soft glow

You might have seen these images before, but I do tend to come back to the favourite things when looking for inspiration. The marble and the copper here are a wink to the common trend, the mint Mutto E27 lamps - to my wishlist.
I have to admit that this blog has not become what I wanted it to be - a small virtual place for me and my mom to share the interior and design ideas. She quickly opted out, i.e. never really remembered where is that damn 'publish' button, and probably forgotten the password to her Google account anyways. But no hard feelings - I'll carry on, so don't forget to check OftenStrangers'Places, mommy!
So why is the old blog project being rebooted now? I'm looking for a new home, hoping to move as soon as possible and with it came the desire to talk about other things than new shoes (never underestimating the power of the new shoes to heal the hurts, of course).
I'd like to show you how the empty flat gets refurbished, how things take shape and slowly grow into something personal. I think that people's interiors say as much about them as the clothes they wear, the books they read, and possibly even more. At home we hide things or tend to neglect them sometimes, everyone has a long drawer and even the tidiest person doesn't make the bed at times, but on Pinterest everything is oh-so-pretty. I don't know what I am yet, but I always preferred the 'pretty' to the 'lived-in', and it's totally my cup of tea when the earphones on the table match the lemon squeezers on the kitchen counter. Look and learn!


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